IOM Appeals for USD 350 Million to Support Response to Ukraine Crisis

People fleeing Ukraine arrive in Przemysl, Poland, where they receive assistance from volunteers and civil society organizations. As of this morning (04 March), more than 1.25 million people have fled the escalating violence in Ukraine to neighbouring countries. Photo: IOM/Francesco Malavolta

Geneva – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) today is appealing for USD 350 million to support its operations in response to the humanitarian needs of people in Ukraine and those who have fled to neighbouring countries.  

On 24 February, the Russian Federation launched a broad military offensive against Ukraine. Since then, more than 1.25 million conflict-affected people have fled the country, sparking the largest humanitarian crisis Europe has seen since World War 2. 

IOM Flash Appeal 

IOM is one of the largest humanitarian actors in Ukraine, has seven offices inside the country and has had permanent staff and office presence in all neighboring countries for decades. 

It aims to work closely with partner agencies to reach internally displaced persons, refugees, third-country nationals (TCNs) and the communities hosting them. The appeal’s operative footprint targets affected populations in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland. 

The Organization will establish an effective coordination mechanism that facilitates communication between TCNs, relevant consulates and IOM, as well as appropriate referral mechanisms with NGOs, governments and partners to help up to 20,000 TCNs travel in a safe and orderly manner to their home countries. 

IOM will provide temporary shelter assistance to displaced people where shelter conditions are inadequate. The Organization will also supply non-food items, including vital winterization assistance to ensure the dignified and sustainable living of uprooted individuals. 

The escalation of the violence in Ukraine has severely affected the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) infrastructure in the region. IOM plans to support conflict-affected populations through the rehabilitation of water supply systems and sanitation infrastructure as well to distribute hygiene kits to displaced populations. 

The hostilities raise multiple protection concerns. In response, IOM will provide individual protection assistance, which includes case management for specific needs and increased access to information such as hotlines for people on the move.  

The Organization will also provide a comprehensive range of health services, inclusive of primary healthcare consultations, screening and management of communicable diseases, emergency reproductive, maternal, child and neonatal health care, and referrals to specialized health care facilities to displaced and access-constrained populations.  

Additionally, the appeal budgets for the provision of food security assistance, as well as multipurpose cash assistance in Ukraine – where IOM has an agreement with the national Post Office which will allow for the rapid implementation of CBI - and neighboring countries to ensure that displaced individuals meet their immediate basic needs. 

IOM will support national governments and partners in transit by monitoring the delivery of, and access to, services and protection to affected populations, and the maintenance of infrastructure to ensure the safe travel of displaced individuals. The Organization will also conduct needs assessments, mobility tracking and flow monitoring with the aim of providing estimates on the presence and numbers of affected population groups in the country to better understand and address the crisis. 

Thanks to the generosity of donors and partners, this appeal with enable IOM to address these humanitarian objectives and advocate for the human rights of conflict-affected individuals. 

IOM’s Global Crisis Response Platform provides an overview of IOM’s plans and funding requirements to respond to the evolving needs and aspirations of those impacted by, or at risk of, crisis and displacement in 2022 and beyond. The Platform is regularly updated as crises evolve, and new situations emerge. 

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