IOM Colombia, Partners Discuss Risks Faced by Child Migrants

Colombia - National and international experts from the Colombian government, international organizations, academia and civil society have met in Bogota to discuss the risks faced by child migrants.

The meeting, organized by IOM Colombia with USAID support, was led by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF), Migración Colombia (the Colombian government agency in charge of border control), and the Pontifical Javeriana University.

The objective was to create a space to exchange knowledge and experiences, national and international, on the issue of children and migration, with emphasis on two sub-themes: regular and organized migration of children, adolescents and youth; and forced migration and rights violations of child migrants in the context of the Colombian armed conflict.

The meeting also aimed to establish a starting point and guiding elements for the implementation of measures to develop policies, programs and intervention strategies to protect the rights of child and adolescent migrants, and ensure their comprehensive protection in Colombia, whether as members of a family group or as independent migrants.

IOM Colombia Chief of Mission Alejandro Guidi noted: “There are multiple reasons for migration, including armed conflict. This often results in forced or irregular migration – exposing children and adolescents to greater risks and rights violations.”

Other experts speaking at the meeting included Golda Ibarra of Guatemala’s Secretariat for Social Welfare, who addressed the topic of independent child migration, and Mercedes Álvarez of IOM Costa Rica, who discussed migration and youth, both with a focus on Central America.

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