IOM ‘Know Before You Go’ Campaign Kicks off as part of Social Protection Week In Zambia

Lusaka – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, hosted an awareness campaign on Human Trafficking and Safe Migration dubbed “Know Before You Go” in Zambia this week.

The “Know Before You Go” campaign was conducted as part of an outreach programme during the Government of Zambia’s Social Protection Week which runs from 18-22 June 2018, and is aimed at promoting public awareness of social protection as a tool that can be used to address poverty and vulnerability challenges. With the initiative now in its second year, the theme of National Social Protection Week 2018 is ‘Decentralisation and Innovation’, both of which are key to effective and efficient implementation of Social Protection programmes.

The “Know Before You Go” campaign is spearheaded by IOM Zambia and relevant stakeholders. The awareness outreach campaign was held in Chazanga Community, a migrant-host community located just outside of Lusaka, and the activities included a drama performance, which covered several themes associated with Social Protection Week including misconceptions and myths around human trafficking, risks and dangers associated with human trafficking (abuse, violation of the law, etc.) and delivering information on safe migration and its benefits. Approximately 300 individuals from Chazanga were mobilized by Community Welfare Assistance Committees (CWACs) who have previously been trained by IOM on Safe Migration practices and prevention of Human Trafficking.

“Trafficking is a serious violation of human rights and as Government, we want to ensure that people have the correct information on safe migration and that they know how to prevent trafficking in their communities,” said Mubanda Chansa Chileshe, National Coordinator for the National Secretariat on Human Trafficking.

Speaking at the same event, IOM National Project Officer Bertha Nguvulu committed IOM’s continued support to the Government of Zambia for the coordination of national anti-human trafficking responses and the protection efforts of vulnerable migrants.

Adopted in 2014, Zambia has an overarching National Social Protection Policy crafted around the pillars of Social Assistance; Social Security (social insurance); Livelihood and Empowerment; and Protection and Disability. The Government of the Republic of Zambia is committed to addressing the high levels of poverty, vulnerability and insecurity in the country. As part of the United Nations Joint Programme on Social Protection, IOM worked closely with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, and supported the updating of the Communication Strategy on Mixed Migration and Human Trafficking which contributes towards the implementation of the Government of Zambia’s Social Protection Policy, specifically the strategy under the Protection Pillar on promoting awareness of rights and entitlements for vulnerable groups.

“Know Before You Go” is being rolled out to various part of the country. The campaign was made possible with financial support from DFID, Irish Aid, and the Governments of Finland and Sweden.

For further information, please contact Bertha Kalyocha Nguvulu at IOM Zambia, Tel: +260 975 766 486, Email: