IOM to Launch Online Platform to Engage with Diasporas

The launch of the iDiaspora will take place during the 4th thematic consultation of the Global Compact for Migration. Image: UN Migration Agency (IOM) 2017

New York - IOM, the UN Migration Agency, launches today (24/7) an online forum for members of diaspora communities to contribute their opinions to the first, intergovernmental agreement on international migration, “the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM).”

“The iDiaspora Forum is a platform designed to initiate ideas, learn lessons, and share best practices. Diaspora engagement is a booming industry,” says iDiaspora Forum Moderator, Dr. Martin Russell.

The need to strengthen cooperation with diaspora groups and involve them in the preparation of the Global Compact is highlighted in the New York Declaration adopted on 19 September, 2016 at the first-ever UN Member States Summit on migration.

Russell adds that “diaspora communities have emerged as key influencers in global development practices. As policymakers and practitioners stride forward with discussions around the Global Compact, we are launching the iDiaspora Forum as a partnership through which diaspora individuals and institutions can help increase the visibility of diaspora engagement to the GCM”.

The online platform is structured along different themes focusing on issues that include diaspora capital and economic development, social cohesion, skills transfers, humanitarian support, innovative communications and developing diaspora capacities. All registered members can share their recommendations and experiences about each topic which are moderated by an acknowledged expert. Members are also given the opportunity to ask the moderator questions about diaspora engagement in the GCM.

“We want to ensure to work together to nurture Diaspora’s role for developing policy and practice. Let's share, be ambitious and have fun,” concludes Russell.

For more information, please contact Florence Kim at IOM HQ, Tel: +41227179111, Email: