IOM Launches MigApp on International Migrants Day

Geneva/Manila – The MigApp is IOM’s institutional tool that leverages current technology and the widespread use of mobile telecommunications to bring a secure, objective and user-friendly downloadable app which serves as a one-stop-shop platform where migrants can access current, reliable and practical information and IOM services.

Irregular and unsafe migration often is a result of lack of awareness about the risks involved in the process, ill-informed knowledge of visa, health risks, and travel regulations, limited or non-existent interaction with legitimate service providers, and the absence of a balanced and unified platform for reliable and updated migration information and services.

MigApp responds to the need to help migrants make informed decisions throughout their migration process by providing a one-stop-shop platform of relevant and up-to-date information.

In its launch version, the MigApp incorporates migration-related information such as travel requirements and regulations, reports of global incidents, and contacts of counter-trafficking hotlines located globally.

MigApp is a living tool so we are committed to keeping the information in it regularly up-to-date and will continue to actively seek additional relevant content and features to incorporate into it.

For more information on the MigApp, go to the webpage and watch this video

Download MigApp from Google Play and the Apple's App Store.

For more information, please contact:

Alex Dougan at IOM HQ, Tel: 41 22 7179 352, Email: 
Joel Millman at IOM HQ, Tel: +41 79 103 8720, Email: