IOM Monitoring Reports of Increased Migrant Movements in Turkey

Groups of migrants including some families are traveling from Edirne, in Turkey's northwestern province, to Pazarkule border gate. © IOM/Müge Ayman

EDIRNE - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is monitoring reports of an increase in the movement of migrants in Turkey and assessing their emerging humanitarian needs.

IOM staff in Edirne reported Friday afternoon that groups of migrants are traveling towards border crossings in the western coastal province of Izmir and the northwestern province of Edirne. 

“The journey to Europe poses significant safety risks for migrants and their families who often fall victim to smugglers, adverse weather conditions, and lack of access to food and water,” said IOM Turkey Chief of Mission Lado Gvilava. 

IOM mobile response teams in both Izmir and Edirne are distributing thermal blankets, food, water, and providing essential humanitarian relief to the vulnerable. 

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