IOM Raises Awareness of Human Trafficking in Central African Republic

Central African Republic - IOM has developed a community awareness campaign targeting at-risk communities and individuals to improve awareness of human trafficking, especially among internally displaced people (IDPs), returnees and host populations in the Central African Republic (CAR).

In the context of the protracted crisis in CAR and its spill-over into Cameroon and Chad, IDPs, migrants and other mobile populations are exposed to different forms of exploitation, including trafficking. CAR is a source, transit and destination country for children subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking, for women subjected to forced prostitution, and adults subjected to forced labour.

Through its German government-funded project: Strengthening National Awareness and Response Capacities to Combat Trafficking in Persons and other Forms of Exploitation under Prevailing Crisis Conditions in the CAR, IOM aims to establish a better understanding of trafficking in the country and re-activate counter trafficking mechanisms that existed prior to the 2013/2014 crisis. This includes the rebuilding of counter trafficking capacity among key stakeholders and assisting victims of trafficking and other forms of exploitation.

The awareness-raising campaign focuses on radio broadcasts and the dissemination of copies of a comic book, as well as brochures to inform at-risk populations about the dangers of trafficking. The campaign highlights how easily one can be trapped in a trafficking cycle, based on CAR-specific examples. It also explains the legal framework for dealing with trafficking and where trafficking victims can access help.

The project will also help the government to gain a better understanding of trafficking in CAR by launching a full assessment study this month.

IOM will provide direct assistance to victims through individually tailored emergency assistance or referrals, as part of a cooperation agreement signed with the “4040” free telephone hotline for protection monitoring.

For further information, please contact Clément Hamon at IOM CAR, Tel+ +236 751 16042, Email: