IOM Supports Launch of Key Partner Amazon’s Emergency Disaster Relief Hub

Joint response efforts by IOM and Amazon during the Türkiye-Syria earthquakes. Photo: IOM Türkiye 

Geneva, 14 March – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is proud to support key partner Amazon’s efforts in enhancing its emergency response efforts through the opening of Amazon’s first Disaster Relief Hub in Europe.     

Located in Rheinberg, Germany, this new Hub provides a dedicated space to store and pre-position emergency supplies, enabling the items to be distributed less than 72 hours after being requested by partners.   

"The establishment of this Hub marks a significant milestone in our ongoing collaboration, and I am thrilled about IOM becoming a strategic partner in such a crucial initiative,” said Jeanette Camarillo, IOM’s Deputy Director for the Department of Humanitarian Response and Recovery. “Our collective work throughout these couple of years in disaster relief and emergency operations has been fruitful, laying a strong foundation for our future joint efforts.”  

Since 2020, IOM’s partnership with Amazon has helped tens of thousands of people on the move due to emergencies. Last year, following the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, Amazon donated more than EUR 1.3 million worth of essential items to IOM, to support migrants and vulnerable communities affected by the disaster.     

The partnership with Amazon has positively impacted IOM’s emergency response efforts, spanning disaster preparedness, emergency relief, and capacity building. Over the past two years, IOM and Amazon have significantly elevated their collaboration, focusing on in-kind donations, pro bono logistics, volunteering, and expertise sharing.   

The partnership will help emergency responders prepare better – Amazon data shows that 80 per cent of the needed items are the same in every emergency: baby diapers, tarps, cots, blankets, heaters, tents, and cleaning supplies.  

Having a dedicated facility where these items are ready to be shipped allows Amazon to send help much faster than if teams had to pack the products and consolidate across different facilities throughout the continent.    

In 2023, IOM and Amazon concluded a global disaster relief agreement. This pact aims to deliver immediate support to people on the move worldwide and empower community members to actively engage in disaster relief efforts. IOM’s partnership with Amazon is set to further advance migrant support by enhancing their skills and providing employment opportunities, prioritizing fairness, transparency, and respect for migrants’ rights.  


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