IOM puts the safety, dignity and protection of people first in the most challenging crisis response contexts in the world.

As displacement rises to record levels, IOM will increase its own capacity, and that of other humanitarian actors, to reach and sustain access to communities in need of life-saving humanitarian and protection assistance.

We will develop and adopt new technologies and approaches to increase the already enviable speed, efficiency and scale of our responses. IOM’s expertise assisting people on the move, and our agility and operational presence, mean that we are uniquely placed to develop practical and scalable solutions across all of our core intervention areas. In emergency settings, we will provide cash and non-food items; health care; water, sanitation and hygiene support and shelter, so that basic needs are met. When people face difficulties accessing basic services, we will provide in-country movement assistance.

In coordination with others, we will facilitate a safe and dignified environment both in camps and in out-of-camp settings. Together with partners, IOM will adapt approaches that have worked in traditional displacement settings and develop new solutions for more complex urban environments.

IOM will reach the most vulnerable people with the specialized protection services, such as child protection measures, activities to mitigate the risk of and respond to gender-based violence and human trafficking, and psychosocial support. Our migration expertise will allow us to assist States to develop appropriate border management responses so that more people can move to safety. 

We know that there is no “one size fits all” approach to crisis response. The need to develop tailored responses means that IOM will prioritize increasing the availability and use of data on the mobility, capabilities, vulnerabilities and needs of displaced, host and mobile populations. This will allow us to put the particular needs and rights of individuals and the well-being of communities at the core of IOM’s and our partners’ operations.

We strive to be accountable to crisis-affected populations.

IOM’s prominent role in humanitarian coordination and planning architecture will be central to our efforts to promote principled and inclusive humanitarian action and increase and maintain humanitarian access. Increased localization, with more participation and leadership of governments and local actors, will provide IOM with opportunities to share its expertise to plan and deliver responses that save lives and promote recovery. 

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