Engaging Diaspora in Strengthening the Health Sector in Pakistan

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    Transfer of migrant knowledge and resources
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    Asia and Oceania
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Critical healthcare workforce shortages, along with a soaring population growth, has heightened the need for more qualified healthcare professionals and stronger health institutions in Pakistan. To address this challenge, this project aims to contribute to strengthening the healthcare sector in Pakistan through active engagement of qualified Pakistani diaspora health professionals so that they may support in strengthening the national health system, using a gender inclusive and gender responsive approach. To contribute to the aforementioned objective, IOM will support the Government of Pakistan (GoP) to strengthen and promote the newly launched Yaran e Watan platform for diaspora engagement, as well as build the GoP’s capacity to mobilize diaspora resources to contribute to sustainable development. In addition, given the current COVID-19 context in Pakistan, part of the project will focus on supporting GoP efforts in responding to the pandemic. To do so, diaspora members will be connected with communities and health institutions most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to support in health and emergency response, both virtually and in-person.