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Dhaka/Cox’s Bazar - Almost a million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh face a triple threat of extreme weather, funding shortfalls and uncertainty about their future, William Lacy Swing, head of the UN Migration Agency, IOM, said today.

Cox’s Bazar - UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim yesterday (02/07) called on the world to support Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps, where IOM, the UN Migration Agency, and UN partner agencies urgently need new funding to sustain aid del

Cox’s Bazar - Hundreds of new temporary shelters are being built each week by IOM, the UN Migration Agency, in a rapid response project to create safer homes for thousands most at risk from landslides and flooding in Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps.

Cox’s Bazar - Heavy rainfall in Cox’s Bazar earlier this month has put major strain on drainage systems in Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps, according to IOM engineers, who predict it will cost at least USD 1 million to clear blocked channels and maintain them to prevent dange


Cox's Bazaar: Living on the Edge

As Bangladesh’s annual wet season approaches, IOM is also working to secure infrastructure and boost resilience among Rohingya refugees and the local community. 

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"God knows - I might have died!" When a diphtheria outbreak in the refugee camp threatened lives, Amina Begum's priorities became clear...

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How do you cope with a diagnosis of suspect cancer when you are a refugee unable to pay for medical care?

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Six Months A Refugee

In the past six months more than 688,000 Rohingya refugees escaped violence in Myanmar by fleeing into Bangladesh. IOM, other agencies and the Bangladesh authorities support them on the ground. But it is the refugees' own resilience that shines through when they share their stories of life in the world's biggest refugee camp ...