Real-time security alerts and critical information updates in the palm of staff’s hands. Emergency assistance at the push of a button. Instant reports from staff in the field.

SCAAN is a digital platform and mobile application designed to deliver timely, effective and efficient communications and assistance to field staff, particularly during an emergency or crisis. Staff can download and use the SCAAN app to communicate directly with security personnel.

SCAAN mobile app and live dashboard:

  • Provide a robust 360 staff security environment
  • Deliver geolocalized advisories on real-time threats and critical incidents to staff
  • Alert security personnel instantly during a crisis through a one-touch "panic button"
  • Expedite headcount of staff during emergencies
  • Enable staff to quickly inform security management about threats to their safety
  • Enhance security warning and response through geolocation service
  • Facilitate submission of UN and other travel clearance on the go

SCAAN is developed jointly by IOM's Office of Staff Security and Media and Communications Division in collaboration with CENTRIC at Sheffield Hallam University.

COVID-19: Keeping Staff Safe

SCAAN enables staff to minimize the COVID-19 threat.

SCAAN has also been used to send critical communications related to COVID-19 to thousands of staff in more than 150 countries across the globe. These real-time alerts have ranged from mobility restrictions to civil unrest to mental health support, providing staff with crucial, life-saving information during a time of chaos and confusion.

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