Candidates will be reviewed against the following criteria in addition to the requirements outlined in the respective Terms of Reference:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Depth of relevant experience in IOM Mandate Areas
  • Previous/current UN experience and/or public sector experience
  • Depth of managerial experience
  • Languages (six UN languages and Portuguese)
  • Volunteer experience

The current and future organizational demands will be the main factor in selecting candidates for assessment. Due consideration will be made to:

  • Demonstrated high performance
  • Completion or near completion mandatory years of service in current post
  • Rotation date (internal staff who are due for rotation will be prioritized).
  • Staff members whose post are being abolished
  • Staff members and candidates who are willing to serve in hardship/non-family duty station 

In the overall selection of candidates, the aim will be to strike a balance between addressing the current organizational needs as well as focusing on gender balance, geographical representation, internal vs external, national to international, technical to managerial and general services to professional.

As the assessment process for the Pathways Pool will be carried out at least once a year, those who are not able to participate in the assessment this round may have opportunities to apply again in future.

If this is of interest to you, please apply via the IOM e-recruitment system.