Funding is one of the key resources that any organization needs in order to implement programmes and activities within its mandate. The IOM Development Fund, which was established in 2001 with an initial allocation of USD 1.4 million, grew to an average of USD 15 million in the past five years due to the support of Member States and successful project outcomes. To date, the Fund has been supported through discretionary income from Member States' unearmarked contributions and Member State donations specifically earmarked for the programme. The vast majority of funding received goes to project implementation (over 95%) while programme management and administration for the Fund accounts for less than 5% of expenditure.

Recent significant growth in IOM membership has resulted in a remarkable increase in demand by eligible Member States for assistance in developing capacities in migration management. Currently, this demand strongly exceeds IOM donors' contributions. IOM is well aware of this increasing gap between contributions and demand for assistance. The IOM Development Fund is dedicated to proactively undertake this challenge and bridge the funding gap in order to respond to the many requests by Member States. As a result, IOM launched a campaign to increase awareness of the Fund, and to reach a USD 20 million fund target through the following efforts:

  • Establishing the IOM Development Fund as one of ten "Top Priorities" for IOM resource mobilisation;
  • Continuing the liaison with governments to raise funds and to keep these key stakeholders updated on the Fund's budget and how their contributions are being used;
  • Developing partnership with the private sector, NGOs, corporations, foundations and also individual donors to encourage them to support IOM Development Fund projects;
  • Launch a redesign of the website to enhance understanding of the IOM Development Fund as a trusted and unique resource for empowering Member States with developing economies and economies in transition, and;
  • Promoting additional earmarked contributions actively.
Support the IOM Development Fund

As a Member State, you can support the Fund through annual unearmarked contributions to the IOM.

As Private organizations and foundations, you can support the Fund through single donations or annual contributions..

As Individuals wishing to contribute to the Fund, you can do so online via the "Donate Now," menu on the Home page. If you wish to support the Fund by providing In-Kind donations, you are welcome to discuss the scope of such cooperation with Fund management.

Member States which have supported the IOM Development Fund to date are:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium  
  • Hungary  
  • Italy  
  • Japan  
  • Morocco  
  • Spain  
  • Sweden  
  • United States of America

We highly appreciate your interest in the IOM Development Fund. IOM could not continue it's work to support Member States in developing their capacities in migration and in turn benefit migrants without your support.

Praise for the IOM Development Fund:

Many Member State delegations and relevant counterparts have spoken of the benefits of the Fund:

"IOM Development Fund remains one of Africa's cornerstones in its cooperation and collaboration with IOM. We thank IOM for making this Fund available, as well as Member States that have made voluntary contributions to the Fund"
– Z. Ighil, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Algeria in Geneva.

"We consider the projects financed by this fund to be of great value and especially appreciate its flexibility. We reiterate our support for the fund and in particular for projects undertaken in Africa"
– Permanent Mission of Italy in Geneva.

"The fund is a very important source of project financing for developing countries and countries with economy in transition. Bangladesh has benefited from several projects approved through this funding mechanism and recognizes the value of the fund."
– K. M. Talha, Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh.

"The United States is proud to have been a strong supporter and contributor to the fund since its inception and we firmly believe in its value. It is an important tool to support developing Member States and Member States in transition to address the critical migration concerns that are of interest to them."
– D. DiGiovanna, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of the USA in Geneva.

16 September 2011 – IOM Director General William Swing and the Minister of Health of Sri Lanka the Hon. Maithripala Sirisena shake hands upon the successful conclusion of a migration health meeting financed by the IOM Development Fund. The Hon. Minister thanked IOM for the support his Government has received through the IOM Development Fund.