Facts and Figures
8.3 million
Net Migration Rate
-0.1 migrants/ 1,000 population
USD 674 million

IOM Togo continues to support the efforts of the Government through different projects and initiatives aiming at ensuring a safe, dignified and sustainable return of Togolese migrants, refugee resettlement to third countries, counter-trafficking, conflict prevention and diaspora engagement.

IOM Togo priorities for 2020:

  • Cooperation with the Government will be continued to combat trafficking of persons and related practices. Priority actions will include direct assistant to victims and strengthening the capacities of relevant national authorities to identify and respond to vulnerable migrants needs. Specific programmes will target labour and sexual exploitation in the mining sector.
  • Prevent conflicts and violent extremism in border areas through related activities, such as assessment of border areas, enhanced dialogues and cooperation between communities, traditional leaders and local authorities.
  • IOM will support the Government’s efforts to engage its diaspora in national development efforts. IOM will partner with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Togolese Abroad in the realization of its action plan towards Togolese diaspora members.
Career Opportunities

Being a member of the IOM team requires the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity. As an international organization with a global mandate, IOM also aims to maintain an equitable geographical balance among its staff. As such, its recruitment efforts target, but are not necessarily limited to, nationals of its Member States. IOM is an equal opportunity employer and seeks committed professionals with a wide variety of skills in the field of migration. IOM staff work in multi-cultural environments, in which diversity and cultural sensitivity are valued.


Title Category Closing Date
Call for Application National Consultancy 4 December 2023

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