IOM has a global network of Country Offices and sub-offices which implement a wide range of projects addressing specific migration needs. These offices keep abreast of and analyse migration issues and emerging trends in the country in order to develop appropriate responses and contribute to regional strategies and planning. On the basis of the regional strategies, they develop a country strategy and a national plan of action in coordination and consultation with their respective Regional Office. They are financed predominantly by the projects implemented in the respective locations.

Country Offices with Resource Mobilization Functions

To ensure effective fundraising and liaison with donors, five Country Offices that coordinate substantial funding for IOM’s activities worldwide have additional responsibilities for resource mobilization. These offices are in:

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Washington, DC, United States of America

They support the development of funding policies, establish priorities and procedures, prepare proposals and develop fundraising strategies and mechanisms for national programmes and projects in line with the IOM Strategy and priorities.

Country Offices with Coordinating Functions

Within the large geographical areas covered by each Regional Office there are subregional migratory realities for which certain Country Offices are assigned coordinating functions to deal with such specific migration dynamics. These offices help address specific subregional migration issues and emerging trends and promote increased IOM membership in the subregion. They establish priorities for project development and resource mobilization, and stimulate, direct and support project development in the cluster of offices in the context of subregional strategies, policies and consultative processes. The Country Offices with Coordinating Functions and their areas of coverage are:

  • Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, for Central Asia
  • Canberra, Australia, for the Pacific
  • Georgetown, Guyana, for the Caribbean
  • Rome, Italy, for the Mediterranean
  • Beijing, China

A coordinating function to cover South Asia is located in the Regional Office in Bangkok, Thailand.