The Pathways Pool initiative will focus on Chief of Mission (D-1, P-5, P-4), Resources Management Officer (P-4, P-3) and Supply Chain Officer (P-3) positions, taking into account that these have to be at different levels, depending on size, complexity and type of mission.

Generic post descriptions for each position are as follows:

Candidates are encouraged to apply for all roles and levels for which they are interested in being assessed, while being strategic and realistic about their chances. Staff who already encumber a rotational post covered by the Pathways Pool are automatically included in the Pool for the same role and same level as they currently encumber (subject to satisfactory performance), however, they will need to take up the opportunity to apply to be assessed for any additional roles/levels for which they are interested.

Application to be assessed to become a Pathways Pool member is open to both internal and external candidates. Due to the limited number of places available for the assessment process, and the volume of applications expected, IOM will only be able to accommodate a limited select group of candidates.