IOM holds the view that in a world ever on the move, more can be achieved for migrants and societies alike by working collaboratively rather than individually. Additional complementarities between the work of IOM and civil society organizations (CSO) and enhanced impact of individual and collective actions can be achieved through greater IOM-CSO dialogue, resource pooling and joint action. 

To this end, the Organization has three strategic objectives with regard to enhancing its engagement with CSOs: 

  • Take stock of existing partnerships with CSOs:  By creating and maintaining a repository of information on IOM-CSO partnerships, IOM seeks to better inform future engagement with CSOs. 
  • Develop platforms, such as consultations or dialogues, for two-way exchanges between IOM and CSOs: IOM holds the view that sustained dialogue facilitates the identification of joint priorities, the exchange of good practices and the strengthening of synergies between IOM and civil society. 
  • Empower CSOs to have a greater voice in the Organization: Through regular communication with CSOs on policy and operational issues, IOM seeks to ensure that partners are well informed and can therefore more effectively engage with IOM at the global, regional and national levels. 
IOM-CSO Information Sharing Sessions 

Since 2018 IOM Headquarters organizes IOM-CSO Information Sharing Sessions several times per year to provide a space for dialogue, consultation, the exchange of best practices, and knowledge transfer on migration and migration governance. 

Consultation phase on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration

Between 2017-2018 IOM supported regional civil society networks in the organization of Regional Civil Society Consultations (RCSCs) during the consultation phase for the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.  The RCSCs were an opportunity to consolidate civil society stakeholder inputs by region CSOs also supported the effort of making the voices of local and regional civil society organizations (particularly those of migrants, diaspora, and grassroots communities) heard at the global level. 

IOM-CSO Annual Consultations between 2011-2016 

The annual IOM-CSO Consultations complement IOM's annual IOM-NGO Humanitarian Consultations.

Post – 19 September Summit 
Geneva, 4 November 2016 

Protecting and Positively Impacting Migrant Lives 
Geneva, 18 September 2015 

Follow up to the 2013 HLD 
Geneva, 9 October 2014 

Migrants and Development 
Geneva, 12 September 2013 

Enhancing Dialogue, Cooperation and Partnership on Migration 
Geneva, 25 October 2012 

60 Years Advancing Migrant Rights and Migrant Protection 
Geneva, 11 November 2011