Partnerships provide an important platform for advancing cooperation on migration. IOM plays a key role in supporting partnerships and the means to collaborate at national, regional, and global levels for better and more effective migration management.

IOM promotes informal dialogues between States and cooperation among agencies, and involves various stakeholders, including civil society and migrants, as both subjects and agents of migration. In helping to develop and strengthen partnerships on migration, IOM provides substantive, expert and organizational assistance to governments and other institutions.

The Department of External Relations (DER) is responsible for supporting and coordinating the Organization’s relations with its Member States, intergovernmental organizations and civil society. The Department leads and coordinates IOM’s external engagements, including IOM’s support for global and regional consultative processes. The Department coordinates the Organization’s participation in multilateral mechanisms, conferences and processes and follow-up to major international initiatives, including the Global Compact. The Department also provides guidance on and support for institutional cooperation with governmental, multilateral and private sector donors, and is responsible for the development of fundraising policies, strategies and tools.