The recent HRM Global Staff Survey reminds us very clearly of the best of us as colleagues in IOM and also what we need to address to better look after ourselves. A key finding is that we, as employees are value-based and dedicated to the intentions of IOM – to serve people who are migrants.

However, many colleagues report very high levels of stress across the board. We are a collective comprised of individuals from many backgrounds, cultures and approaches. It is time for all of us to stop and look at how we can better look after ourselves, individually and collectively. For our wellbeing and mental health.

Staff Welfare, GSAC and HRM have created this one-year programme to help us learn how to better look after ourselves. The main facets are:

Each month we will collectively launch and share material to explore psychological and practical ways of looking after us, we, you, me and them.

A celebration of World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October in Geneva where we will explore what we need to think about and do to look after ourselves better.

The Staff Welfare website which will be launched in September and will contain online programmes for staff and managers on well-being, mental health and well-being.

Please join us.

Looking after us

It is time,
To be responsible,
Take care of,
And look after myself and us.