Irregular and unsafe migration often is a result of lack of awareness about the risks and the preparation of the travel: ill-informed knowledge of visa, health risks, and the interaction with legitimate service providers.

MigApp is IOMs downloadable app which serves as a one-stop-shop where migrants can access current, reliable, and practical information throughout their migration process. As a country-based hub, MigApp ensures that migrants have access to local information and services.


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Migrant Needs
  1. A trusted source of reliable information
  2. Access to country-specific IOM programmes and services
  3. Currency converter
  4. Information on:
    • Migration risks
    • Visa regulations
    • Health guidelines
    • Migrants’ rights
    • Governments’ migration policies
  5. A secure space to communicate
MigApp as a Solution
  1. Migrants have accurate and comprehensive country-specific migration information at their fingertips
  2. Migrants have access to IOM programmes and services
  3. Migrants have access to multiple forms of training, free of charge
  4. Governments have a platform to directly inform migrants
  5. Beneficiaries will engage with IOM
The Benefits
  1. Migrant tips
  2. Government messages and notifications reach more migrant communities
  3. Up to date currency converter
  4. Assisting governments to understand migration trends
  5. Increasing access to local government programmes
  6. Assisting in bringing families together
Contact information

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Fax: +41 22 798 6150
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