IOM recognizes that early, tailored provision of training and information is key to empowering migrants and paving the way for their successful integration.

Migrant training includes a wide range of activities designed to prepare migrants for successful integration into their new communities. Often delivered in the country of origin and as close as possible to the migrant’s departure and/or arrival date, migrant training provides critical information about migrants’ destination country and identifies the skills needed for migrants to succeed, whether in the workplace or in their new communities. 

Pre-departure orientation (PDO), which is a key area of IOM’s migrant training portfolio, prepares migrants for their upcoming journey – be it for resettlement, family reunification, labour migration or others. It is designed to manage migrants’ expectations, meet their specific needs and build life skills essential for their inclusion in their new communities. 

Migrant training activities can vary depending on the context and type of migrant beneficiaries such as pre-employment orientation, cultural orientation, language training and technical or vocational training.

Over the last two decades, IOM’s global migrant training programming has reached out to almost 900,000 migrant and refugee beneficiaries globally. 

Migrant Training Programming Overview
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IOM’s migrant training activities have been implemented in over 70 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East/North Africa.


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