strategic vision

Type: Regional consultative process on migration (region: Africa)

Formal association with regional or multi-stakeholder organization: Intergovernmental Authority on Development 

Established: 2008 


The Intergovernmental Authority on Development Regional Consultative Process on Migration or IGAD-RCP (also known as the Migration Dialogue for the IGAD Region or MiD-IGAD) aims to promote the common position of the IGAD Member States and African Union (AU) as provided in the AU's Migration Policy Framework. Furthermore, it aims to facilitate regional dialogue and co-operation in migration management amongst IGAD Member States by:

  • Fostering greater understanding and policy coherence in migration;
  • Strengthening regional institutional and technical capacities to implement the Migration Policy Framework for Africa, the African Common Position on Migration and Development, the Joint Africa-EU Declaration on Migration and Development and other AU and IGAD policies on migration; and
  • Improving inter-state and intra-regional cooperation on migration management among countries of origin, transit and destination.
    • Progress toward formulation and harmonization at the national and IGAD level of legislation, policies and practices in the following areas: (i) Legal/Labour migration management; (ii) Irregular migration, trafficking and smuggling, and border management; and (iii) Migration and development matters.

Current Thematic Focus

  • Migration policy, migration management and migration governance in the IGAD region
  • Migration and development
  • Labour migration
  • Border management
  • Irregular migration
  • Migration and regional integration
  • Refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs)
  • Return
  • Combatting human trafficking
  • Combatting migrant smuggling
  • Climate change, human mobility and displacement
  • Technical cooperation and capacity building
  • Data and information collection, dissemination and sharing
  • The process leading up to the Global Compact for Migration


IGAD Secretariat, in collaboration with the AU Commission and IOM.

Chairing Country

  • Current Chair: Djibouti

  • Past Chair: Sudan, Ethiopia


Member States (8 States)

  • Djibouti

  • Eritrea

  • Ethiopia

  • Kenya

  • Somalia

  • Sudan

  • South Sudan

  • Uganda

Note: Founding Members: Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda


Observers (called “Partners” by IGAD-RCP)

States (e.g. Chad, Egypt, Libya, Niger, Tunisia, Yemen, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK, USA), other AU Regional Economic Communities (e.g. ECOWAS, EAC, SADC, ECCAS, CENSAD), Inter-Governmental and non-governmental organizations can be invited to participate to IGAD-RCP meetings on an ad hoc basis.

Contact Information

Mr Charles Obila
Migration Officer
Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Secretariat
Ave Georges Clemenceau, Djibouti
P.O Box 2653, Republic of Djibouti
T +253 21 348 421

Mr Aron Tekelegzi
National Liaison Officer to AU/IGAD/UNECA
IOM Ethiopia Special Liaison Office to African Union and IGAD
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: +251 912 507 849

No specific website for the IGAD-RCP, but see IGAD Migration or IGAD RCP Section on the IGAD Website

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