Inter-Regional Forums on Migration

Inter-regional Forums on Migration (IRFs) are state-led, informal and non-binding dialogues on migration usually connecting two or more regions. IRFs share information and experiences and seek to find common solutions in the area of ​​migration and the migration-development context. They thus also offer useful good practices and “lessons learned”. IRFs do not have the regular and informal levels of consultation commonly associated with RCPs and may take the form of broad and inclusive forum events that are largely unrestricted in their number of participants. 
The IRFs address various areas of migration management: labor migration, migration and development, irregular migration, migrant's rights, human trafficking, migrant smuggling, etc. 

Note: The term IRF was coined in 2010. Until then the general term for any migration dialogue process was RCP. The term RCP is still used to denote any regional and inter-regional dialogue process on migration. 

IOM's Role in IRFs
IOM participates in several IRFs in various capacities, either as secretariat but often also as technical expert at the request of participating states - undertaking research studies, implementing agreed project activities, providing policy advice and carrying out capacity building activities.
(i) Collecting and sharing information from all IRFs on the IOM website ( inter-regional-forums) and in the RCP / IRF Newsletter;
(ii) Providing an overview of all important IRF meetings through the RCP / IRF Meetings Calendar;
(iii) Facilitating information sharing and cross-fertilization between IRFs and RCPs and their Secretariats;
(iv) Coordinating IOM participation in IRF / RCP events. 

Africa  - Europe

5 + 5 Dialogue on Migration in the Western Mediterranean

EU-Horn of Africa Migration Route Initiative (Khartoum Process)

Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development (Rabat Process)


Americas - Europe

Ibero-American Forum on Migration and Development (FIBEMYD)

Ibero-American Network of Migration Authorities (RIAM)


Africa  - Asia - Americas - Europe

African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) - European Union (EU) Dialogue on Migration


Asia - Europe

Asia - European Union Meeting's (ASEM) Conference of the Directors General of Immigration and Management of Migratory Flows

Budapest Process


Asia -  Middle East

Ministerial Consultations on Overseas Employment and Contractual Ministerial Consultations on Overseas Employment RCP (Abu Dhabi Dialogue)


Europe - Asia - Americas

Inter-Governmental Consultations on Migration, Asylum and Refugees (IGC)


Europe - Asia - Americas - the Middle East

Bali Process on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime



Pan-African Forum on migration (formerly Intra-Regional Forum on Migration in Africa)