In our world of helping others, we have a tendency to focus on the work we do and not on ourselves. For us to be effective in our work it is also important to understand ourselves from the perspective of our past, our skills, knowledge and our current approaches to our work for migrants.

The resources below will provide you with a range of assets so that you can truly look after yourself and your colleagues while working for others.

The first programme – My Wellbeing, will help you explore your approach and talents so that you can build your own individual wellbeing.

The second programme – Team Wellbeing, will help you identify what is working in your team and learn about what more we need to do in terms of our collective mental health and wellbeing.

The third programme is Stress management. This is very important in our daily work. If we understand more about what stress is, what triggers stress for us, how we respond to stress and how we cope, then we are more likely to respond to stress positively. The resources below provide you with a definition of stress, the effects of stress, the internal and external factors which lead to stress and the ways in which we cope with stress.

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