Global Fund and Soros Foundation Support Migrant Health Programme

A new pilot migration and health project
funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria and the
Soros Foundation has been launched in Moldova aimed at addressing
the health concerns of Moldovan migrants such as HIV.

The initiative is part of a wider IOM strategy
on improving medical services for migrants abroad. It follows the
findings of a joint IOM, International Monetary Fund and European
Commission study on Migration and Remittances in Moldova last year
that found that nearly 49 per cent of migrants reported that their
health in host countries had been poor. About 22 per cent of the
migrants questioned, had blamed their worsening health abroad on
poor working conditions.

With mobile populations at high risk to HIV
due to limited access to information, health services, separation
from families and spouses, and given that at least 10 per cent of
Moldovans have emigrated, the rising levels of HIV infection and
general health conditions of migrants have become a growing cause
for concern among the authorities. Nearly 2,900 Moldovans are
registered as living with HIV/AIDS in the country since the onset
of the epidemic in the late 1980's, according to WHO.

The IOM programme will involve information
campaigns in destination countries such as Russia and Italy as well
as within Moldova itself, with a particular focus on HIV/AIDS. A
comprehensive survey of sexual behaviour patterns and health risks
among Moldovan migrants will be carried out. In addition, IOM will
also bring together local government agencies, international
experts and civil society in Moldova for a round table on the

For further information, please contact:

Ecaterina Damian

IOM Chisinau

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