IOM Supports Unicord's Commitment to Fair Labour in the Seafood industry


Bangkok – Since 2019, Unicord, a tuna processing company, has committed to better protect migrant workers in its supply chains in Thailand from unethical recruitment and labour exploitation. A major subsidiary of the SeaValue Group, a global seafood processor and trader, Unicord joins businesses already engaging with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) towards strengthening ethical recruitment and decent work in their operations.  

Through the partnership, IOM provided support on how to comply with national laws and international fair labour standards and helped the company to implement better management systems to ensure that workers are recruited ethically. 

“The partnership with IOM is of immense social and economic value. It enables us to enhance the safety and fairness of our working environment throughout our operations. We can monitor our supply chain and ensure we do not break any national or international standards. This allows us to deliver higher quality products and protect migrant workers at the same time,” said Amornphan Aramwatananont, Senior Vice President at SeaValue. 

More than half of all workers in the Thai seafood industry are migrants. While migrant workers are key contributors to the sector’s productivity, they also face risks of abuse and exploitation. To address the risks to migrant workers, IOM and Unicord have agreed to partner to promote safe and fair working conditions for those employed in the fisheries industry.  

Through a series of IOM webinars and support, Unicord has increased capacity to independently monitor the recruitment and employment practices within its operations and supply chains, to the benefit of migrant workers, as well as its business and corporate reputation.  

In July and August 2019, Unicord representatives participated in an IOM training on Promoting Ethical Recruitment and Fair Labour practices, along with almost 100 Thai businesses. Unicord also participated in the National Forum on Directions in the Implementation of Solutions to Address Forced Labour, which was organized by IOM and brought together 246 representatives from Thai Government bodies, civil society organizations, private sector actors and international organizations. During the forum, participants developed a common understanding on the implementation of new Thai laws to combat forced labour and human trafficking. 

This engagement is part of part of IOM’s Corporate Responsibility in Eliminating Slavery and Trafficking (CREST) initiative, which is a regional partnership that aims to realize the potential of business to uphold the human and labour rights of migrant workers in their operations and supply chains. 

Through its direct partnerships with private companies, IOM provides strategic and practical solutions tailored to partners’ needs and supports longer term sustainable change to better uphold the labour and human rights of migrant workers through ethical recruitment channels, transparent employment terms and conditions, sustainable and inclusive supply chains.  

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  • IOM training session on ethical recruitment for Unicord representatives. Photo: IOM 

  • IOM training session on ethical recruitment for Unicord representatives. Photo: IOM 

  • IOM training session on ethical recruitment for Unicord representatives. Photo: IOM