More than 59 million people are currently displaced within their own countries – uprooted by conflict, violence and disasters.  Internally displaced persons (IDPs) often live in overcrowded, unsanitary locations where jobs and services are few. These dire circumstances have now worsened due to the health risks and socio-economic impacts of the pandemic.

IOM is present before, during and after crises – working alongside national and local authorities and other international organizations. The Organization provided protection and assistance to more than 21 million IDPs and six million people in affected host communities in 2019.

IOM also plays an active role in global initiatives that seek to resolve internal displacement – including the UN High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement, an initiative launched by the Secretary-General in February 2020 to drive bold solutions to this global crisis and the GP20 Platform, which promotes the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement.

Stories of Internal Displacement


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