Research Community

IOM frequently collaborates with other organizations and institutions to produce comprehensive and cutting-edge research, and to promote knowledge sharing among those working in the field of migration. IOM’s research is coordinated and managed by the Migration Research Division, within the Department of International Cooperation and Partnerships (ICP). Below is a list of IOM’s current and past research partnerships.

IOM is always interested in extending and expanding its collaboration with experts and researchers on migration.

Partnerships with Research and Academic Institutions

Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) – University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom. The IOM is part of the Advisory Board of the Economic and Social Research Council, a core funder of COMPAS.

Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) – Paris, France. IDDRI is collaborating with IOM on research concerning migration and the environment.

Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and UNU-MERIT –Maastricht, The Netherlands. Focusing on relations between receiving countries (immigration) and sending countries (emigration) and the dynamics of this relationship, MGSOG-UNU-MERIT specifically engages in research on the causes and consequences of migration (including both forced and unforced movements). With IOM, MGSOG-UNU-MERIT is conducting evaluative research on the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) of migrants to assess the relevance and effectiveness of various approaches as delivered by IOM to nationals of selected priority countries. Also working with IOM on country Migration Profiles, and various other projects, including an assessment of IOM’s data and research activities.

Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration (MCMI) – Marseille, France. A new initiative launched in 2009, the MCMI aims to enhance the convergence of sustainable development policies by providing a platform for knowledge sharing and joint learning. IOM partners with the MCMI on issues of employment and labour mobility.

Migration Policy Centre (MPC) – Based at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. MPC conducts advanced research on global migration to serve migration governance needs at the European level. The Centre operates several regional research observatories (CARIM) .  MPC is one of fifteen consortium partners on the ACP Observatory on Migration’s Academic Advisory Board.

Migration Policy Institute (MPI) – Washington, DC, United States.  IOM has worked with MPI on numerous research initiatives, including projects on diaspora engagement and migration and development. IOM’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific and the Migration Policy Institute produce Issue in Brief, a monthly joint-publication offering succinct insights on migration issues affecting the Asia-Pacific region today. This partnership is facilitated by IOM’s Regional Research Officer for Asia and the Pacific who also works as a Policy Analyst with MPI.

Scalabrini International Migration Network – New York, United States. A non-profit and apolitical organization of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Saint Charles-Scalabrinians, SIMN aims to safeguard the dignity and the rights of migrants, refugees, seafarers, itinerants and people on the move.

Sussex Centre for Migration Research (SCMR) – Based at the University of Sussex in Brighton, United Kingdom. SCMR aims to be a leader in providing rigorous, evidence-based research to document the richness and diversity of the ‘migration experience’. The Centre is one of fifteen consortium partners on the ACP Observatory on Migration’s Academic Advisory Board.

Université de Neuchâtel – Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Working on a forthcoming book regarding climate change and migration, entitled People on the Move in a Changing Climate.

World University Service Austria (WUS) – Graz, Austria. Partnering with IOM on a project entitled, Migration and Higher Education: Developing Skills and Capacity. This project will be implemented in 10 African countries. WUS is one of fifteen consortium partners on the ACP Observatory on Migration’s Academic Advisory Board.

International Migration Institute (IMI) University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom.  IMI aims to conduct research that promotes a long-term and forward-looking perspective on international migration.

Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) United Kingdom. Among other things, worked with IOM on conducting policy-relevant research on migration, trade and development.

Korean Labour Institute (KLI) – Seoul, Republic of Korea. Partnered with IOM on comparative research regarding labour migration management in selected countries.

Social Science Research Council (SSRC) – Brooklyn, United States. Collaborated with IOM on a series of essays, entitled: Migration and Development Within and Across Borders: Research and Policy Perspectives on Internal and International Migration.

University of Geneva and the Geneva International Academic Network (GIAN) – Geneva, Switzerland. Collaborated with IOM on policy research regarding diasporas in Switzerland.

IOM has worked with numerous other research institutions worldwide, such as:

  • Centre for Development Research – Denmark
  • Chinese Academy for Social Sciences (CASS) – China
  • Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies – Switzerland
  • Institute for Social Research – Norway
  • South African Migration Project (SAMP) – South Africa; Canada
  • University of Adelaide – Australia
  • University of Dhaka Bangladesh
  • University of Montevideo Population Studies – Uruguay
  • Université Paris 1 Sorbonne – France
  • University of West Indies – Jamaica
  • Webster University – Switzerland

IOM also partners with individuals who are experts in the field of migration research.

External Advisory Board for the World Migration Report – Beginning in 2010, IOM asked experts from around the world to serve on an External Advisory Committee. The following academics made up the EAB for 2010: Aderanti Adepoju, Stefano Bertozzi, Rolando García, Graeme Hugo, Binod Khadria, Agustín Escobar Latapí, Hye-Kyung Lee, Susan Martin, Rainer Münz, Kathleen Newland, Nasra Shah, Ronald Skeldon. IOM has also asked academic experts on migration to serve as lead author for the World Migration Report. In 2011, this position went to Graeme Hugo, and in 2010 to Khalid Koser.

Academic Advisory Board – Established in 1999 and consisting of 11 distinguished migration experts, supports IOM’s research programmes.

Partnerships with other Organizations and Companies

Gallup – Headquartered in Washington, DC, United States. IOM is working with Gallup and its World Poll to assess the well-being of migrants around the world, novel research which forms the core of IOM’s World Migration Report 2013.

British Council – Headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom. The British Council partnered with IOM on a project to dispel myths surrounding migration.

Partnerships with International Organizations and Affiliated Research Groups

Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Manila, Philippines. IOM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the ADB in 2010 to collaborate on a project concerning migration and the environment. This partnership has resulted in the creation of the Asia-Pacific Migration and Environment Network (APMEN).

The Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) – Support Unit located in Geneva, Switzerland. IOM works closely with the GMFD, a recent initiative of the United Nations Member States to establish a global platform for dialogue and cooperation on international migration and development.

The Global Migration Group (GMG) – An inter-agency group bringing together heads of agencies to promote the wider application of all relevant international and regional instruments and norms relating to migration, and to encourage the adoption of more coherent, comprehensive and better coordinated approaches to the issue of international migration. IOM is co-chair of two GMG working groups –
the Working Group on Data and Research, co-chaired by UNDESA; and the Working Group on Mainstreaming Migration into National Development Strategies, co-chaired by UNDP.

UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) – The IOM is partnering with UNAOC to build an online interactive community – Building Inclusive Societies (IBIS) –  aimed at promoting good practices of integration.

Partnerships with Publishers

Eurasylum Ltd – In partnership with the IOM, publishes Migration Policy Practice, a bimonthly online journal for senior policy makers with timely articles on migration.

Institute for the Study of Migration at Georgetown Universityedits the International Migration Journal, a peer reviewed, academic journal sponsored by IOM.

Springer Science + Business Media Partners with IOM to publish Global Migration Issues , a series of books on emerging migration issues. The first volume in this series, Global Perspective on Migration and Development: GFMD Puerto Vallarta and Beyond, was released in June 2012.

The UN and IOM have a cooperative agreement covering production, co-publication, marketing, distribution and sales activities. IOM publications are distributed through the UN's international network of sales agents and are also sold through UN bookshops in Geneva and New York.

IOM Research and Training Centres

ACP Observatory on Migration – A network of research institutions and governmental entities dealing with migration in the six regions of the ACP Group of States.  The ACP Observatory on Migration is an initiative of the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States, empowered by the IOM.

Central European Forum for Migration and Population Research (CEFMR) – Based in Warsaw, Poland. Collaborates with IOM on the research and dissemination of various aspects of internal and international migration. Recent projects include Demographic and Migratory Flows Affecting European Regions and Cities (DEMIFER), funded by the European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion (ESPON).

Independent Network of Labour Migration and Integration Experts (LINET) – Brussels, Belgium. IOM-LINET was created in 2009 by the IOM in order to provide the DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission with expert analysis and advice on economic migration and labour market integration of third country nationals.

IOM Migration Research and Training Centre (IOM-MRTC) – Seoul, Republic of Korea. IOM-MRTC acted as a specialized research and training institute on migration policy.

The African Capacity Building Center  (ACBC) – Moshi, Tanzania. Established by IOM in 2009, the ACBC is a centre of excellence which (a) promotes international understanding of migrants and migration issues; (b) promotes sound migration governance in Africa; (c) develops, institutionalizes and delivers on-site and off-site migration management training programmes; and (d) builds the migration management capacity of Africa States.