The terms of reference of the Standing Committee on Programmes and Finance are as follows:

  • To examine and review the policies, programmes and activities of the Organization, the annual reports of the Director General, including the Financial Report and the Report of the Director General on the work of the Organization, and any special reports;
  • To examine and review any administrative, financial and budgetary questions;
  • To consider any matter specifically referred to it by the Council including the Revision of the Programme and Budget and the scale of assessment for the following year, and to take such action as may be deemed necessary thereon;
  • To advise the Director General on any matters which he or she may refer to it;
  • To present advice or proposals to the Council or to the Director General on its own initiative;
  • To review regularly methods of consultation, feedback and oversight, with a view to enhancing responsiveness, transparency and inclusiveness;
  • To consider any other matter falling within its terms of reference;
  • To transmit reports and/or recommendations to the Council on matters dealt with;
  • To make, between sessions of the Council, any urgent decisions on matters falling within the competence of the Council, which shall be submitted for approval to the Council at its next session.