The International Migration Law Unit provides training and capacity building for government officials, civil society, international governmental and non-governmental organizations and IOM staff on international migration law.

Two yearly Training Courses are conducted in:

  • Sanremo, in collaboration with the International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL), and
  • Geneva, a four-day IML Course designed for government officials, to familiarize them with the relevant international legal framework governing migration, including the rights and responsibilities of States and migrants.

The IML Unit  also presents the following e-learning opportunities, to enhance the understanding of international legal standards relevant to the respect, protection, and fulfillment of the rights of migrants: 

Other trainings are delivered at the regional and country level upon request, as part of respective projects and initiatives.

The Unit assists governments to develop and implement migration legislation and procedures consistent with applicable international and regional standards. The objective is to strengthen the capacity of governments to govern migration more effectively and consistent with the rule of law. In this context, the Unit offers advice and information to governments considering the ratification of relevant international or regional treaties and provides consultancy and revision of national migration legislation for individual governments at their request.

The Unit conducts meetings and workshops on migration law at both the national and regional levels to facilitate and promote interdepartmental and inter-State awareness, dialogue and cooperation in the promotion of comprehensive migration management frameworks. Since its establishment in 2004, the International Migration Law Unit has also organized and participated in seminars, conferences and roundtable discussions in countries worldwide. The Unit conducts courses and events in the three main IOM official languages – English, French and Spanish, plus Russian – in different regions around the world. The Unit has also conducted trainings in other languages, depending on resource availability.

If you are interested in organizing an IML event in your country, please contact