Ghana Launches National Migration Policy

Migration Policy

Ghana formally launched a National Policy on Migration and an implementation plan in Accra on 5 April 2016 with support from IOM. 

The comprehensive policy will guide the management of the country’s internal, intra-regional and international migration flows. Its aim is to promote the benefits and minimize the costs of migration. 

The development of the policy was supported by an IOM Development Fund (IDF)-backed project: “Developing a Migration Policy to integrate Migration into the National Development Framework for Ghana”.

IOM worked with the Migration Unit of the Ministry of the Interior and the Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee on Migration (IMSCM) throughout the development of the policy culminating in its validation and adoption.

In addition to formulating a strategy to address the complex and mixed migration challenges faced by Ghana, the policy prioritizes activities such as the collection and dissemination of migration data, the establishment of a coherent institutional framework, and resource mobilization for implementation.

It comprehensively addresses key migration issues in Ghana including irregular migration, human trafficking, migrant smuggling, labour migration, brain drain and gain, diaspora engagement, dual citizenship, remittances, return, readmission, and reintegration of Ghanaian migrants, border management, and refugee issues. It also covers the important linkages between migration and climate change, health, trade, tourism, education and gender.

“Migration is desirable, when it is well managed and with this policy the government has taken a resolute step towards enhanced migration governance. It has now outlined its whole-of-government vision for managing migration and commitment to mitigating the negative impacts of migration, while at the same time fully embracing its developmental potential,” said IOM Ghana Chief of Mission Sylvia Lopez-Ekra.

Ghana Minister for the Interior Prosper Bani, who launched the policy document on behalf of the President of the Republic of Ghana said: “Attempts in the past in Ghana to intervene and respond to migration issues have been piecemeal and fragmented in character and lacked policy coherence. Consequently, the National Migration Policy will promote a comprehensive and sustainable approach to the management of migration for the development of Ghana.”

The European Union Delegation to Ghana, German Development Cooperation (GIZ) and the Italian Embassy, all of whom supported the initiative, attended the launch.

IOM remains committed to providing technical assistance to the government to establish sound mechanisms that will ensure an effective implementation of the policy.

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Ghana launches its National Migration Policy. Photo: IOM 2016