The United Nations Secretary-General launched the High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement in February 2020 to identify innovative and concrete recommendations to better prevent, respond, and achieve solutions to internal displacement. 

The Panel offers a unique global opportunity for the international community to pursue lasting, bold solutions to internal displacement.  As one of the leading one of the largest agencies responding to internal displacement, IOM strongly supports the work of the Panel and looks forward to a successful outcome.  IOM is galvanizing its vast expertise in responding to situations of internal displacement around the world to inform and further the Panel’s objectives. More than 20 field missions around the world are also hosting consultations between internally displaced persons, host community members and the Panel Members. IOM experts are also composing technical papers and hosting webinars on aspects of priority to the Organization which proactively reinforce diverse mobility perspectives.

Issues of Priority

IOM prioritizes the following areas of focus of the HLP:

Solutions: IOM’s approach to solutions begins during its humanitarian work, spans the nexus, and draws on stabilization type activities and mobility perspectives to progressively resolve displacement situations.

Data: IOM serves as a primary source of objective and impartial data on internal displacement, particularly standing out for its contributions on humanitarian data, and it is strengthening its methods and tools on solutions.  

Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus (HDPN):  IOM ensures the continuity of its HDPN programming across the displacement cycle; targeting initiatives that combine the adaptive, flexible and rapid interventions of humanitarian assistance with development-oriented conflict sensitive programming.

Value of Mobility Perspectives: Given the parallels between internal displacement and internal migration, IOM advocates that important mobility-related experiences, practices and approaches can help reframe options available for IDPs to build resilience, reduce aid dependency and pursue solutions, while being part of their country’s broader recovery and sustainable development agenda. 

Inclusive Approaches:  IOM recognizes that internal displacement occurs in dynamic contexts, often amidst populations with similar or other pressing needs. IOM has long applied area-based approaches, whenever appropriate, and adopts community-based planning, modalities and activities as part of its internal displacement response.