IOM’s Immigration and Border Governance (IBG) Division supports Member States in improving the policy, legislation, operational systems, human resources and administrative and technical structures required to respond more effectively to diverse migration and border management challenges. Immigration and Border Governance (IBG) activities are in line with IOM’s commitment to facilitate orderly, safe and regular migration and mobility.

IBG activities are designed as partnerships with governments and other relevant stakeholders to identify needs, determine priority areas, and shape and deliver interventions. The IBG team's activities are continuously evolving to meet new migration challenges on the national, regional and international level.

There are two distinct and complementary portfolios within IBG: Border and Identity Solutions (BIS) and Immigration and Visas (IV). In addition, the IBG Division is in charge of facilitating a number of organizational cross-thematic initiatives, notably the Legal Identity Strategy, IOM’s African Capacity Building Center for Migration and Border Management (ACBC) in Tanzania, and IOM’s flagship training programme, the “Essentials in Migration Management 2.0 (emm2.0)”, along with involvement in institutional activities related to COVID-19 response and recovery and the UN Network on Migration (UNNM).

Border and Identity Solutions Unit (BIS)

Efficient border and migration management policies and structures, supported by professional, well-trained personnel, facilitates and fosters enhanced movement management at borders, prevents irregular migration, helps dismantle organized criminal networks, and protects the rights of migrants. Upon Governments’ request, the BIS Unit addresses a broad range of migration and border management issues by building and enhancing Member States’ capacity.

Some key BIS activities include strengthening Member States’ border and migration management structures and procedures, including building their capacity to register, check and analyze cross-border movements, enhance the security of identity documents, and develop relevant technical tools. In particular, the Unit works on topics such as Humanitarian Border Management; Counter Migrant Smuggling; Trade and Development; Readmission and Regularization.

The technical support provided by the BIS Unit includes policy support, capacity building and assessments, as well as some cross-cutting topics such as data management, intelligence and risk analysis; gender; border security and integrated border management. Additional assistance includes:


Key Border and Identity Solutions Activities


Additional technical support provided by the BIS Unit include:

  • Travel Document Inspection
  • Community Policing
  • Immigration Detention & Alternatives to Detention
  • Border Management Information Systems – including IOM’s MIDAS (Migration Information and Data Analysis System)
  • Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR)
  • Regional Free Movement Arrangements
Immigration and Visas Unit (IV)

The IV Unit provides migrants and Member States with effective immigration and visa-related support. Visa policy is a central tool for Member States seeking to better manage migration and mobility, and accessible, efficient, dignified and cost-effective immigration processes are key to facilitating safe, orderly and regular migration. The IV Unit delivers operational solutions in support of immigration and visa processes, working closely with immigration and consular authorities and other partners to promote regular migration pathways and enhance admission and stay procedures.

Key Immigration and Visas activities include facilitating efficient and cost-effective implementation of Member States’ migration management policies and systems with the aim of developing well-administered and timely admission and stay schemes, including for work, study and family reunification. Support also includes policy guidance, document verification solutions, and consular assistance, as well as operational assistance.


Visa Activities

Operational solutions provided by the IV Unit include:

  • Information services
  • Case management systems
  • Booking and scheduling systems
  • E-visa systems (in cooperation with BIS)
  • Document review, receipt and verification 
  • Digitization of documentation
  • Secure data input, validation and transfer
  • Biometric data collection, validation and transfer
  • Payment and transfer systems
  • Travel document collection and transfer
  • Facilitation of interviews
  • Facilitation of DNA testing
  • Assisted travel
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