Every year, IOM welcomes hundreds of interns to work in IOM offices worldwide. IOM is present in close to 600 field locations around the world, assisting governments in managing migration flows while ensuring safe and orderly migration. We require a wide variety of professionals to carry out our mandate.

At IOM we acknowledge that especially for nationals of some countries, it is harder to reach our Headquarters in Switzerland and to travel to our Country Offices to participate in an internship. The Diversity and Inclusion Internship Programme addresses this imbalance by covering the monthly stipend to support accommodation and living expenses, as well as travel and visa costs for selected interns. Interns are selected for a 6-month period through a highly competitive process, which usually includes an online test and an interview.

Since 2018, approximately 20 internship positions per year are offered through this internship programme to talented junior professionals, who are nationals of countries not included on the OECD-DAC list or who are nationals of non-represented Member States at IOM.

IOM strongly encourages applications from women, persons with disabilities, LGBTIQ+ individuals, persons belonging to indigenous or tribal peoples, or ethnic minorities. We strongly suggest you mention in your application your belonging to any of the aforementioned groups. All information will be treated confidentially. For more information about diversity and inclusion at IOM, please access this page: Diversity and Inclusion at IOM.


Impressions from participants in the Diversity and Inclusion Internship Programme

Joining IOM through the Diversity and Inclusion Internship Programme was, without a doubt, a life-changing opportunity. I'm extremely grateful for the experience at IOM, and I honestly believe that the Diversity and Inclusion Programme is a much needed and well-thought initiative. Being welcomed by the amazing HR Policy Unit team was fulfilling, challenging, inspiring and, in several ways, has helped me to grow as a person and as a professional.

Gaia HASSE, Diversity Intern with the HR Policy Unit at IOM HQ, 2021

I am thrilled to have been a part of the Diversity Internship Programme! It has truly been an enriching journey. Thanks to this programme, I had the opportunity to get an overview of the work of different units and was able to decide the direction I want to grow. Ultimately, this internship allowed me to start the career I dreamed of. A big THANK YOU to the Diversity Team Department for their unflagging support!

Dünya ÖZBAY, Diversity Intern at IOM Djibouti, 2021

The Diversity Internship gives you a unique opportunity to work where you can make a positive impact within a great learning environment. The Diversity Internship is a great opportunity to get valuable paid experience within the United Nations system, as IOM stands out as one of the few international organizations that pay their interns. The internship experience was invaluable, and it prepared me for my professional career.

Onyekachi Anthony ONIKE, Diversity Intern with the Finance and Accounting Division at IOM HQ, 2021

IOM Diversity and Inclusion Internship Programme – 2023 Vacancies

In 2023, the Diversity and Inclusion Internship Programme covers 17 internships (please find below a table with all vacancies). Four of these internships will be homebased, meaning that selected candidates for those roles can remain wherever they are while performing the duties assigned during their internship. Homebased positions grant a greater degree of flexibility for interested candidates who may prefer to work remotely. Candidates should be mindful of the time difference. For example, if you are in the Americas and you apply for a position in Asia, it may require that you agree with your supervisor your work hours, and it may mean that on some days you will need to attend meetings or work during night-time when it is daytime in Asia.

The rest of the vacancies will be on site, meaning that selected interns will have to work at the duty station where the position is based.

Selected candidates will receive a monthly stipend, personalized guidance on how to access international careers, as well as information about the recruitment process and support drafting CVs and Cover Letters; an additional monthly bonus to cover high-speed internet costs and office supplies (for homebased interns) or support to cover the travel and visa costs (for on-site interns).

Candidates should click on the link of each position and apply online using IOM’s e-recruitment system. If you are selected for the next step in the recruitment process, you will be contacted directly.

Please carefully read the post descriptions and apply only to the ones that you are most qualified for. We encourage you to apply to no more than 3 positions.

There are no fees associated with applying to these positions or to any positions at IOM.

For more information about IOM and its global work towards humane and orderly migration, and about the recruitment process, please visit www.iom.int or our LinkedIn page.


Available Positions

Vacancy No.

Office supported

Position Title

Closing Date

INT 2023 04

Podgorica, Montenegro

Intern – Resources Management Unit

13 April 2023

INT 2023 05

Yerevan, Armenia

Intern – Programme Unit

13 April 2023

INT 2023 06

Nouakchott, Mauritania

Intern – Protection

13 April 2023

INT 2023 07

Chad Homebased

Intern – Resources Management

13 April 2023

INT 2023 08

Cairo, Egypt (IOM Country Office)

Intern – Policy, Governance & Liaison Unit (PGLU)

13 April 2023

INT 2023 09

Cairo, Egypt (IOM Regional Office for Middle East and North Africa)

Intern – Liaison and Policy Unit

13 April 2023

INT 2023 10

Kathmandu, Nepal

Intern – Programme

13 April 2023

INT 2023 11

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Intern – Programme Support

13 April 2023

INT 2023 12

Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Intern – Immigration and Border Governance (IBG)

13 April 2023

INT 2023 13

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Homebased

Intern – Office of the Chief of Mission

13 April 2023

INT 2023 14

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters)

Intern – Integrated Talent Management Unit

13 April 2023

INT 2023 15

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters)

Intern – Migration & Sustainable Development Division

13 April 2023

INT 2023 16

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters)

Intern – Business Relationship Management (ICT)

13 April 2023

INT 2023 17

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters)

Intern – Cash-based Initiatives (CBI)

13 April 2023

INT 2023 18

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters)

Intern - Crisis Communications and Advocacy

13 April 2023

INT 2023 19

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters) Homebased

Intern – Private Sector Partnerships

13 April 2023

INT 2023 20

Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters) Homebased

Intern – Environmental Sustainability Unit

13 April 2023