The IOM Diversity, Inclusion and Social Cohesion (DISC) Initiative is a multi-year, flexible and demand- led initiative to enhance IOM’s capacity and programming to support Member States and relevant partners in the areas of migrant integration, inclusion and social cohesion. 

The DISC Initiative serves as a platform to share, learn, develop and implement innovative strategies and interventions that tap into the existing assets and potential of both migrants and communities. It aims to:

  • Promote a shared understanding and whole-of-society approach to migrant inclusion and social cohesion
  • Develop the skills and capacities of different stakeholders to facilitate inclusion and social cohesion
  • Foster an evidence-based and unifying narrative on the contributions of both migrants and communities.
Three Key Pillars

DISC Digests and Briefs

Ace Dela Cruz
Project Coordinator, Migrant Integration and Social Cohesion
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