Since 2020, Microsoft and IOM have collaborated to facilitate secure data sharing of victim case records, informing collective action across the anti-trafficking community. This collaboration has led to the development of an online skills training for youth workers in Vietnam, including internal migrants, and the release of a synthetic dataset on human trafficking. Microsoft is also teaming up with IOM to leverage data and technology, creating a Global Mobility and Resource Data Hub to be used to predict and better respond to climate-induced human mobility. Through advanced data capability, artificial intelligence, and enhanced early warning systems, IOM will gain a deeper understanding of how climate change impacts mobility, thereby strengthening its capacity to support people on the move.


“With Amy Pope's leadership and IOM’s expertise, we’re hugely optimistic about the role of technology in addressing some of the most pressing global issues, including the impact of climate change on migration.”

Kate Behncken, Corporate Vice President, Global Head of Microsoft Philanthropies