Since 2022, Takeda Pharmaceutical has partnered with IOM through its philanthropic Global CSR Program to support the roll-out of IOM’s electronic Personal Health Record (e-PHR) tool for migrants displaced by conflict and crises. The innovative tool has been deployed in Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Yemen, with the aim of enhancing the recording and accessibility of health records for migrants across borders, health systems, and languages. With a targeted reach of over 83,000 people, this digital solution is set to elevate the understanding of health needs, strengthen national and cross-border disease surveillance, and increase response capacities by making health assessment records available in transit and destination countries. The partnership between IOM and Takeda highlights the synergy in our shared objectives to advance healthcare accessibility for migrants and vulnerable populations worldwide.


“Takeda has been striving to meet societal needs by creating a sustainable positive impact for two centuries. We are proud to partner with IOM on this project to support the health needs of migrants, providing an essential service to vulnerable populations and promoting health equity and accessibility for all.”

Takako Ohyabu, Takeda’s Chief Global Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Officer