Since 2020, Amazon and IOM’s long-standing partnership has been a game-changer for IOM’s emergency response efforts, spanning disaster preparedness, emergency relief, and capacity building. Over the past two years, Amazon and IOM have significantly elevated their collaboration, focusing on impactful in-kind donations, pro bono logistics, volunteering, and expertise sharing. Through this partnership, IOM has been able to provide hundreds of thousands of people with emergency supplies, including those affected by the 2023 earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria. In 2023, Amazon and IOM concluded a global disaster relief agreement. This pact aims to deliver immediate support to vulnerable communities worldwide and empower community members to actively engage in disaster relief efforts. IOM’s partnership with Amazon is set to further advance migrant support by enhancing their skills and providing employment opportunities, prioritizing fairness, transparency, and respect for migrants’ rights.


“Natural disasters and emergencies have devastating impacts on people —usually overnight. Bringing together as many partners as possible, especially international development institutions and the private sector, has proven to be an effective way to assist those affected by these crises. This partnership will allow us to address challenges together and create opportunities that transcend borders in order to help communities around the world.”

Abe Diaz, head of Amazon Disaster Relief