Project database

Title Year Project Type Benefiting Member States Status
Strengthening the Capacities of Federal, State and Local Governments in Mexico to Respond to Internal Displacement with a Gender Focus Mexico VIEW MORE
North Macedonia: Mainstreaming Migration and Climate Change Perspectives into National Adaptation Plan Processes Environment and Climate Change North Macedonia VIEW MORE
Addressing Climate Change-Induced Human Mobility in Mongolia Disaster Risk Reduction Mongolia VIEW MORE
Supporting the Municipality of Agadir in Promoting Migrant Integration in Morocco Integration and Social Cohesion Morocco Active VIEW MORE
Strengthening Evidence-based Migration Management in Zambia Migration Research and Publication Zambia Active VIEW MORE
Assessment of Needs and Vulnerabilities of Migrant Domestic Workers in Jordan Labour Migration Jordan Active VIEW MORE
Strengthening the Government of El Salvador's Capacity to Manage Information and Evidence on Human Mobility related to Disasters, Climate Change and Environmental Degradation for the Development of Public Policies Environment and Climate Change El Salvador Active VIEW MORE
Harnessing Inclusive Global Alliances for Diaspora Engagement Transfer of migrant knowledge and resources El Salvador, Fiji, Georgia, Mauritius, Peru Active VIEW MORE
Greening Migrant Centres in Serbia and Mainstreaming Policy Development related to the Migration, Climate Change, Environment, and Energy Nexus Environment and Climate Change Serbia Active VIEW MORE
Strengthening the Government of Zimbabwe's Capacity in Migration Data Collection and Governance
Migration Data Zimbabwe Active VIEW MORE
Diaspora Engagement for Sustainable Development of Montenegro (Phase II) Transfer of migrant knowledge and resources Montenegro Active VIEW MORE
Strengthening National Mechanisms on Counter-Trafficking in Gabon Protection and Assistance to Vulnerable Migrants Gabon Active VIEW MORE
Enhancing Preparedness to Mitigate Threats of Infectious Diseases at the Borders in Kenya Health Promotion and Assist for Migrants Kenya Active VIEW MORE
Combatting Trafficking in Persons in Armenia: Improving Victim Identification and Referral Systems
Protection and Assistance to Vulnerable Migrants Armenia Active VIEW MORE
Strengthening States' Capacities and Enhancing Community Awareness to Prevent and Respond to Online and Technology-Facilitated Trafficking in Persons in Fiji and Vanuatu Protection and Assistance to Vulnerable Migrants Fiji, Vanuatu Active VIEW MORE
Mauritania: Fostering the Inclusion of Migrants in the Social Protection System Integration and Social Cohesion Mauritania Active VIEW MORE
Territorial Planning and Comprehensive Risk Management to Increase Resilience to Internal Mobility due to Disasters, Environmental Degradation and Climate Change in the Dominican Republic Environment and Climate Change Dominican Republic Active VIEW MORE
Developing the Capacities of the Government of Côte d'Ivoire in Diaspora Management and Engagement Transfer of migrant knowledge and resources Côte d´Ivoire Active VIEW MORE
Supporting Climate Adaptive Solutions in Mali through Migration-Sensitive Policy and Local Planning Environment and Climate Change Mali Active VIEW MORE
Enhancing the Evidence Base for Policy Development and Decision-Making Through Better Migration Data Collection and Sharing in Lao People's Democratic Republic Migration Data Lao People’s Democratic Republic Active VIEW MORE