The investigation function supports the Inspector General and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) through the conduct of administrative investigations and inspections. 

OIG’s scope of work requires that “…allegations of irregularities (fraud, waste, abuse of authority and other misconduct) are assessed and, where warranted, are investigated." The investigative function provides the Inspector General with the capability to fulfil this responsibility.

In addition, and in accordance with OIG’s Charter, the investigative function conducts investigations in accordance with the standards established by the Conference of International Investigators’ Uniform Principles and Guidelines for Investigations.  Accordingly, OIG administrative investigations adhere to the principles of “…objectivity, impartiality, and fairness…”.

The fundamental purpose of the investigation function, similar to that of evaluation and internal audit, is to support the Inspector General and OIG deliver “independent, objective assurance, systematic review and advice to add value and improve programme/project design, delivery and operations” to IOM and, through the conduct of administrative investigations and inspections, enable the Inspector General to provide a “consolidated internal oversight mechanism”.