Ex-Post Publication of Information on Contractors and Grant Beneficiaries of EU funds

EU Reference numbersort descending IOM Mission Name of Programme Total Amount of EU Contribution for the Programme Start Date End Date
ACA/2016/381-126 Bangladesh Sustainable Reintegration and Improve Migration Governance EUR 15,900,000.00 04/12/17 04/11/19 View
CRIS 2017/385-628 Serbia Special Measure on supporting the Republic of Serbia to improve border management capabilities in the context of the European Migration Crisis – Phase 2 EUR 2,997,772.26 04/29/17 07/28/18 View
DCI MIGR 2013/333-480 Morocco Addressing the needs of stranded and vulnerable migrants in targeted sending, transit and receiving countries EUR 5,000,000.00 02/01/15 07/31/17 View
ENI/2016/379-222 Ukraine Support for Migration and Asylum Management in Ukraine EUR 27,200,000.00 12/16/16 12/15/19 View
ENI/2016/381-396 Belarus Introduction of an automated intelligent video-control system at road border crossing point Novaya Huta – Novi Yarilovychi at the Belarus-Ukraine frontier EUR 800,000.00 04/01/17 03/31/19 View
ENP/12011/23411 Azerbaijan Consolidation of Migration & Border Management Capacities in Azerbaijan (CMBA) EUR 2,599,999.00 09/01/14 08/31/18 View
ENPI 2014/355-339 Republic of Moldova Supporting the implementation of the migration and development component of the EU-Moldova Mobility Partnership and harnessing its benefits for the residents of the Transnistria Region of the Republic of Moldova EUR 1,499,979.61 01/01/15 12/31/17 View
ENPI/2012/333-562 Georgia Reinforcing the capacities of the Government of Georgia in Border and Migration Management EUR 8,000,000.00 12/13/13 07/10/17 View
IPA/2016/373-327 North Macedonia Special Measure supporting the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to manage its southern border in the context of the European Migration Crisis EUR 9,000,000.00 03/01/16 02/28/19 View
IcSP/2014/353-251 Sudan Providing Local Infrastructure and Empowerment for Cross Border Peace and Cooperation (CBPC) within Pastoralist and Sedentary Communities EUR 2,000,000.00 02/11/15 08/10/17 View
IcSP/2016/379-920 Ukraine Supporting Recovery and Sustainable Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons and the Conflict-Affected Population in Ukraine EUR 4,214,400.00 01/08/17 07/08/18 View
IcSP/2017/384-904 Jordan Support the national efforts in managing migration flows and refugee influx in the context of the Syria crisis EUR 5,280,000.00 05/17/17 11/16/18 View
MIGR/2017/390/030 Switzerland Support to the development of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration EUR 1,200,000.00 10/09/17 01/09/19 View
T05-EUTF-NOA-LY-03-01/T05.141 Libya Protecting Vulnerable Migrants and Stabilizing Communities in Libya EUR 54,800,000.00 05/01/17 04/30/20 View
TF-MADAD/2016/T04.24 Serbia EU support of Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in managing migration, refugee crisis - Balkan route EUR 8,650,210.00 12/17/16 06/12/18 View
2014/344-650 UNSC Resolution 1244-Administered Kosovo EU-Return and Reintegration in Kosovo (Phase IV) EUR 4,000,000.00 11/01/14 07/31/17 View
2014/344-981 RO Brussels Supporting ACP-EU Cooperation on Migration and Development EUR 9,700,000.00 06/27/14 08/26/19 View
2015 / 370-265 Ukraine European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine - EUBAM 11 EUR 16,339,404.00 12/01/15 05/31/18 View
2015/370-437 UNSC Resolution 1244-Administered Kosovo EU-Community Stabilization Programme Phase III EUR 2,300,000.00 12/03/15 03/03/19 View
2015/ICSP/361-304 Switzerland Enhancing Access to Services, Strengthening Resilience of Host Communities, and Facilitating Integration of Refugees EUR 6,700,000.00 07/13/15 12/31/17 View
2016/378-066 Serbia Special Measure on supporting the Republic of Serbia to improve border management capabilities in the context of the European Migration Crisis EUR 1,000,000.00 09/15/16 09/14/17 View
2016/ICSP/374-782 Turkey Strengthening the Operational Capacities of the Turkish Coast Guard in Managing Migration Flows in the Mediterranean Sea EUR 2,000,000.00 08/22/16 02/21/18 View